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The Spring Project is able to create a wide range of training interventions that directly support universities, colleges and schools in meeting their employability targets. High impact transformational training courses help students to better understand themselves and their aspirations, and how to bring their full contribution to the world and the workplace, whilst at the same time providing businesses with employees who are able to unlock exceptional value from the moment they start employment.

“The competition for jobs throws into sharper focus the imperative for graduates to have the attributes to succeed in the workplace. In addition to acquiring the strong academic and technical knowledge required for many roles, our graduates and postgraduates also need the employability skills and positive attitude that employers value in every new recruit”

Director-General, CBI

So how do students develop these employability skills?

According to the recent conclusions of the UK Commission for Employment Skills Employability Challenge “The primary methodologies are: reflection and integration, experiential action learning and work experience.” These, combined with the Spring Projects core principles, constitute the building blocks of The Spring Projects courses and training interventions. We are also able to offer training for academic and University Career Service employees to equip them with the skills they need to serve both their students and Industry

"The University of Northampton are delighted to be working with The Spring Project. Having collaborated with them on a project working with unemployed students and graduate employers we invited The Spring project to come and run an employability skills training session on campus as part of our annual Careers Employability and Skills week.

The brief was to create lots of light bulb moments for our finalists, while giving them an opportunity to have a moment to concentrate on what's important to them. The feedback we received from the students themselves proves that this brief was more than met. One student stated that it was '...1 of the best 3 hours of my university life. It's a deep session, which teaches you a number of life lessons. I would highly recommend it to all'.


Any Career Service that might be considering how to meet their employability targets would do well to think about working in Partnership with the The Spring Project to help their Service meet their targets around employability"

Catherine Klimeš - Head of Careers and Employability at the University of Northampton, Careers and Employability Service.

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