The Spring Project is founded on the simplest of ideas,  Win - Win - Win.

For us that means that from our interactions; I benefit, you benefit and the generations to come will benefit.

By innovatively bringing employers, job seekers, work-experience projects, empty spaces and world-class trainers together, individuals are guided to unlock exceptional value for themselves and the world around them.

By blending the Spring Project’s three core training principles: being of service, taking personal responsibility and living with integrity, it represents the possibility of what could be. That everyone benefits.

​Would you like to get involved?

What do you have to give and how can you benefit?

- do you have skills and capabilities to offer The Spring Project?

- do you have worthwhile work-experience projects that you could offer?

- do you want to hire well trained and value creating employees?

- do you want to invest in something that is making a real difference

to young people’s lives?

How to get involved?

- Contact the team here

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