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The Spring Project

The Future of Recruitment

and Employability

Founded in 2010, The Spring Project is all about the future of recruitment and employability. For us, this is about how more of us can be brilliant more of the time, in ways that are beneficial to ourselves, those around us and future generations. We are particularly interested in how this applies to organisations, the people they hire and the impact their life and work has on the wider world. Over the last 5 years we worked with over 5,000 people.


Radical Employability 

This training programme supports people in expanding their capacity to create extraordinary value with integrity in their life and work; whether they are in a job, want to get one, create one, go freelance, or have no idea what they want to do with their life. The design enables people to reflect more deeply on who they are, how the world works, and the contribution they want to make, creating real transformation in both their perspectives and their prospects. Programmes run from two hours to two weeks long. READ MORE>>



The pioneering process which turns recruitment into a strategy for building outstanding qualities in candidates and delivering brilliant employees for organisations. In essence, it is a totally new way of thinking about how to recruit that gives candidates far more value, transparency and control and enables organisations to recruit higher quality people, who can contribute more quickly and create lasting value. READ MORE>>


Learn More

Find out more about The Spring Project or watch one of our 2 minute videos on Curiosity, Generosity, Integrity and Responsiblity.

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