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How the Spring Project Emerged

Founded in 2010, The Spring Project was all about the future of recruitment and employability. For the founders, the key tenets were how more of us can be brilliant more of the time, in ways that are beneficial to ourselves, those around us and to future generations. Of particular relevance was how this applied to organisations, the people they hire and the impact their life and work has on the wider world.


As of August and October 2014, Andrew Armes and Denis Burke have stepped away from the project to pursue other paths. With Darius Norell, all three of The Spring Project’s founders are proud of what the initiative has achieved to date. You can read others’ experience of their work on the ‘Impact’ page.


The Spring Project is now being run by Darius Norell. If you have any enquiries please contact Darius on darius @ dariusnorell . com.


The original intention behind this work was that it would create ways in which others could become inspired, and that by turn these individuals would spread the Project’s ideas, ethos and practice for the benefit of yet more others.


Please take a moment to look at what The Spring Project achieved and feel free to take the ideas, use them and run with them.





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