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Radical Employability:

Connecting people with their Brilliance

Radical Employability

This training programme works with the aim of supporting people in expanding their capacity to create extraordinary value with integrity in their life and work; whether they are in a job, want to get one, create one, go freelance, or have no idea what they want to do with their life.


What is it?

The design of the programme enables people to reflect more deeply on who they are, how the world works, and the contribution they want to make, creating real transformation in both their perspectives and their prospects.


How it works

The sessions go deeply into the domains of values and purpose as a basis for unlocking brilliance. The training is made up of interactive talks, many paired and small group exercises, large group dialogue and regular opportunities for personal and group reflection. It is also an opportunity for participants to enhance their peer network.


In particular, participants have an opportunity to explore and experiment with the values of Curiosity, Generosity, Responsibility and Integrity, and see whether and how those values might serve them in their life and work.



Who we’ve worked with

Over the last 5 years, we have delivered our Radical Employability training to over 5,000 people. We have been hired by some of the largest businesses in the world and by some of the smallest to deliver this groundbreaking approach to everyone from unemployed young people to new joiners, high potentials, senior leaders and CEOs.  Similarly we have worked with schools, colleges and universities to deliver Radical Employability training to staff and students. Read what people are saying about it.









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