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​​We call the training Radical Employability because we have seen the power it has to transform people's mindsets and enable them to create vastly different results in short periods of time.​ Have a look at the testimonials from previous participants and decide whether the Spring project is for you.​​


The Spring Project has a track record of delivering exceptional results in short periods of time. We believe that, with the right guidance, anyone can adopt the attitudes and approaches to everyday life that can generate exceptional value for themselves, people around them and those they work for. The Spring Project is now embarking on an extended programme of its acclaimed Radical Employability training and week long academies for unemployed graduates.  >>READ MORE

Universities / Schools

The Spring Project is able to create a wide range of training interventions that directly support universities and colleges in meeting their employability targets. High impact transformational training courses help students to better understand themselves and their aspirations, and how to bring their full contribution to the world and the workplace, whilst at the same time providing businesses with employees who are able to unlock exceptional value from the moment they start employment.  >>READ MORE

We are growing organically and sustainably. Volunteers, interns and those going through the training programmes will complete a wide variety of worthwhile community projects including supporting local charities and fledgling social enterprises to flourish as well as projects that support the vision of the Spring Project. Day to day activities such as organising training programmes, setting up and regenerating more disused spaces and running these spaces as venues for future events are all further examples of tasks undertaken by those who have benefited from the project’s resources. They will also be developing spin-off worthwhile projects into commercial entities of their own, providing employment for themselves and others. Can you help out at all? >>READ MORE

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